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Welcome to Convenient Moving Service

We are a professional moving company located in Toronto.  Our Toronto movers are expertly trained and fully committed to providing you with the service you need. Whether it is household packing, loading pod, moving, driving or delivery service you can count on us to get the job done right. We’re passionate about moving and confident in our service this why we have an enormous guarantee. Read more!


Superior Customer Service is Our Core Value!

Toronto Movers Since 2012

High Quality Service

Superior Customer Service is the core value at Convenient Moving Service. We respond quickly for a request for a quote, whether it comes to us online or by phone. We will accommodate you in making an appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE. Our Customer Service Representatives are very easy to talk to and are available anytime during regular business hours. Our phones are always answered in a friendly tone and booking an appointment couldn’t be easier. Every email is responded to quickly.

Every one of our moving professionals is very pleasant to deal with, courteous, friendly and trustworthy. We will arrive on time for the estimate and the move. If we’re running late for any reason we will call 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time. We respect you and your time. We will explain everything to you in detail ahead of time so that you know what to expect from us and how best to prepare for your move. We will call you the day before your move to remind you and confirm any last minute details.

If any item is inadvertently damage in the move, we will take care of it immediately by repairing or replacing it. No excuses will be made and there will be no delays or undue red-tape in resolving the issue. There is no issue too big or too small that our Customer Service Team won’t take care of for you. We are committed to providing our customers complete satisfaction from beginning to end.


Convenient Moving Service has a fairly straightforward philosophy and that is that our reputation and our word is our bond. In order to stay in business and grow we understand that every customer counts. We treat our customers as if they were family. We treat you the way we would like to be treated and this starts with the very first phone call to our office. We come clean and uniformed to your home to assess your needs and to give you a complete, thoroughly done, detailed and HONEST ESTIMATE of our charges that we will abide by.

Our goal is to relieve all the stress from your move. We are flexible and will accommodate any last minute changes, even the moving date if necessary. We understand how these things go. We listen to you and will move heaven and earth to accommodate your needs every step of the way. We do this happily with no attitude whatsoever. Our primary concern is to make this move easy for you, to do it quickly and efficiently so that you can begin to enjoy your new home as soon as possible. We are respectful, patient, friendly and kind as well as honest, professional, skilled and fast. You can trust that Convenient Moving Services will take care of everything you need and that the entire move will be a positive experience for you.

Affordable Pricing

Convenient Moving Service provides the most affordable and cost effective moving service in all of Toronto. Because we are a small Toronto moving company we treasure every customer and every job. You cannot find anyone who will provide the quality of professionalism, attention to detail and guaranteed satisfaction for the prices we charge.

Our Toronto movers will come to your home in advance to thoroughly analyze your needs, assess the scope of the job, carefully look at all your furniture, walking through every room of your house and provide you with a DETAILED ESTIMATE for the entire move for FREE. We will determine exactly what will be needed in terms of time, supplies and expertise so that we can GUARANTEE that the bill will not exceed the estimate. You will not be asked to pay a deposit upfront and only pay when the job is completely done to your satisfaction.

Because you are dealing with a small local company you do not have to worry about your furniture being held hostage so that more money can be extorted out of you. These practices have been known to occur with some unsavory moving companies that are not well established in the community. You can thoroughly check us out and you will find that there is no one more reputable in the business.

Our prices are extremely reasonable. What is on your estimate is what you will pay. There is no slacking off to add more hours to the job, no hidden charges, and no add-ons. We do not charge more at the end of the month, we do not charge more to move furniture upstairs, we do not charge more if a piece of furniture needs to be disassembled and reassembled as that would be accounted for in your free estimate. There will be NO SURPRISES on your bill in the end.

Work Ethics

Our moving professionals are extremely conscientious when it comes to taking the utmost care of your possessions. We will arrive early, make a quick assessment of the scope of the job and get right to work. All prized possessions, electronics, antiques and family heirlooms will have added padding, bubble wrap and protection. Every item will be handled with extreme care to avoid any damage.

If any piece of furniture or shelving needs to be disassembled we will follow all instructions to make sure everything is done properly and there is no damage. We will also reassemble the piece upon arrival to your new home and make sure it is solid, sturdy and in place before we leave. Whether it’s a pool table or a shelving unit, you can be sure we know how to move it properly and successfully without any damage.

Upon arrival at your new home, if your ownership paperwork has not yet been recorded and you are waiting on the keys, no worries. We will patiently wait until the keys arrive. We understand these things happen sometimes. Upon entering the home we will lay down runners to protect floors, railings and stairs from scratches, dirt and possible water damage. Every box will be placed in the designated room and if it’s not labeled we will ask. Each piece of furniture will be place in the exact spot requested and we are happy to move it multiple times to make sure you’re totally satisfied and don’t need to lift a finger. We patiently listen to you and follow your lead every step of the way.

If a piece of furniture won’t fit in the door we will remove the door if necessary. All our movers are expertly trained and are happy to come up with solutions when presented with a challenge. Everything possible will be done to make sure your furniture is placed where you want it to be. Everything is moved very carefully to avoid damage, whether it is being moved out of your home and into the truck and out of the truck and into your new home. We will not scar walls, railings, flooring or furniture. Whatever padding and protection is needed will be provided.

As careful as we are we work fast, never slacking off or losing momentum. If we finish earlier than expected you will be able to use our services to help you unpack and put away your items. We will not leave your home until you are completely satisfied with the placement of every piece of furniture.


Our professional movers are expertly trained to the highest standards. We come prepared with all the materials, tools, items and skills to get the job done right. Before we even start we will inspect every piece of furniture to pin point any dings or scratches or the lack thereof so that there will be no issues arising later. We are trained in disassembling and reassembling items like pool tables and shelving units so that no damage is done and everything is done according to manufacturers’ instructions.

We know how to pack boxes in an organized fashion with abundant cushioning. Boxes with fragile items will be marked accordingly and placed on top of the others. All boxes will be labeled according to your instructions as to contents and which room they go into in the new home.

We constantly train and retrain our movers so that they benefit from every move they undertake. All challenges are prepared for in advance with precise measurements being taken so that we know what to expect before we start and have a plan of action in mind to make sure the furniture ends up where you want it. Our movers have the training, knowledge, experience and professionalism necessary to take on any job, big or small.

We Have Some Special Bundles For you!

  • Basic Moving Package
  • $45
  • Per 30 Mins
  • 2 Men
  • 16 Foot Truck
  • 1 Wardrobe Box
  • 0 Mattress Bags
  • Floor Protection
  • Furniture Protection
  • 10 Kilometers Free Travel
  • 3.5 Hours Minimum
  • Standard Moving Package
  • $50
  • Per 30 Mins
  • 2 men
  • 20 Foot Truck
  • 1 Wardrobe Box
  • 1 Mattress Bag
  • Floor Protection
  • Furniture Protection
  • 10 Kilometers Free Travel
  • 4 Hours Minimum
  • Premium Moving Package
  • $55
  • Per 30 Mins
  • 3 men
  • 20 Foot Truck
  • 2 Wardrobe Box
  • 1 Mattress Bag
  • Floor Protection
  • Furniture Protection
  • 15 Kilometers Free Travel
  • 4.5 Hours Minimum

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When you hire Convenient Moving Service you will have a stress-free move. Your furniture will be handled with the utmost care and everything will be done to protect your personal treasures. We will arrive on time, work fast and efficiently and complete the job in the time designated to your complete satisfaction. You will not be asked to pay anything until the entire job is complete. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION and ESTIMATE. You’ll be glad you did!